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the beginning piano reminded me of the Abe lincoln vs Chuck norris from Epic rap battle from history
but anyway the beginning was powerful and made it feel epic but towards the end you lost alot of that presence in the score with the overwhelming drum samples that drowned out alot of sound
This is well written and put together but some more mixing and balancing of sound would make this even better
but over all I liked this GJ bro

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Ah yeah I'd see why you'd think that :P they're played pretty similarly. And yeah that drum seems to be one of the major issues with this track, I'm going to go back and fix it a little when I have the time. Thanks for the review!

i don't know why but this strangely reminds me of FF8

the beginning reminded me of a WW2 score

mchamberlin responds:

I guess that would be appropriate too, although when I was writing it I pictured a Revolutionary war scene; more "The Patriot" than "Saving Private Ryan" :P But thanks for the review!

I like the composition
This is going to make me sound like a douche bag but w/e
the sound library is the only thing holding you back on this one IMO

otherwise 4/5

retrobox2 responds:

Yeah I want to get a new library but need to save some money so for now I am concentrating on the composition part.

Thanks a lot.

Reminds me of Daft Punk

JasonHorecky responds:

Thats what I was going for :D thanks so much :D

a review can't do this justice....
stellar job...simply awesome

bearkilgore responds:

Well, what can I say but thanks! :)

this song sounds the way i wish my life was

excellent job!!!

LazyBucks responds:

Thanks mate!
Starting to release a new song every week or two from now on so check in on my Youtube and on my NG!

sounds like a work out song :D

great variety
sounds like songs for a menu of some sort
nice job!!!!

i am not dubstep expert myself
but you need to add a melody to this and it's awesome sauce
right now it has little substance all it is right now is some drum and bass with little variation

add something...anything but gj so far bro!!!!!

I like music


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